Pierre-Adrien PAYARD

The ITEMM group is welcoming Pierre-Adrien PAYARD as UCBL Maitre de Conférences. Pierre-Adrien is bringing news competences to ICBMS in the field of both computational and experimental mechanistic investigation in the field of organometallic catalysis. He is thus reinforcing the interplay between synthesis, physico-chemical measurements and modeling. One of his objective is to bring rationale molecular insights in reaction developments. He has a special interest in transmetalation reactions. He completed his undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay and passed the Agrégation de Chimie in 2016. He carried his PhD at Ecole normale supérieure under the joint supervision of Dr Laurence Grimaud and Dr Marc Pera-Titus focusing on mechanistic studies of metal-catalyzed reactions. In 2019, he joined the team of Prof Christophe Copéret at ETH Zürich as a postdoctoral researcher.